5 Reasons Hiring an Interior Designer is a great idea!

December 6, 2017


You want a change from the interior design of your current space or have just moved into a new home, condo or apartment.  You’ve been looking through interior design magazines and watching the home renovation shows.  You’ve got some great ideas but not a lot of time – and you know you cannot get your home project completed without serious sacrifices to your family or work time.  Perhaps you cannot imagine being able to make your home look the way you really want it because your creative capabilities are limited. That’s not unusual - some people are great at the idea stage but cannot execute the “plan”.  Or you’ve got differing style ideas from the people you share your home with.  If any of these scenarios are true for you – you are a prime candidate for hiring a professional to help you with your home.  One thing is true for sure – hiring a professional can solve these problems and then some!


  • You are simply TOO BUSY



You’ve been planning to do a renovation or redo space in your home for a while but cannot find the time.This is one scenario where hiring someone to get your project off the ground and completed in a timely manner is a fantastic idea.Even if you could do a good job decorating your own home – if you never find the time to do the work – you are not fully able to enjoy your home while constantly thinking about what could be done.Hiring help will ensure your project is done quickly and with a lot less stress on your already limited “free time”!


  • A professional knows precisely how to Combine Styles




Most people are totally lost when trying to combine furniture they already have with new pieces. Combining styles is one of the most difficult things required when decorating a space. Most people have no idea how to make the beautiful antique dining table they inherited work with their more modern style ideas.Combining pieces that don’t match perfectly is a challenge Interior Designers work with every day.Professionals constantly hear “I would never have thought that would look so great in that spot” or “with that piece”!


  • Professionals know how to Remedy Style Conflict



It is a rare thing when a people completely agree on the style or look they want in their home. And this can be a powder keg ready to explode when combined with the stress of making decisions about key pieces for the home and budget.This is one of the top reasons to work with a professional interior design firm in Mississauga.Working with a third party can ensure all views are heard and fully considered.AND decisions are made that work in the home and for ALL who live there.


  • You WILL save money AND get better QUALITY


Working with a professional ensures you don’t make costly mistakes that often happen with inexperience.While you are paying a fee for the services of a professional often you get discounts on your selections and services that you wouldn’t have received doing things on your own.Plus – designers know that there are many levels of quality available in the market place.Through established relationships with suppliers your designer will guide you on where to find quality pieces at the best price.


  • Some projects are NOT Do It Yourself friendly


Renovations often require figuring out where walls need to be moved/removed or lighting fixtures replaced.If you are in that type of project planning stage – hire a professional for assistance.The types of mistakes that can be made when doing structural renovation work on your own can be extremely expensive.Having a professional’s guidance through this critical stage of home renovations is a MUST



Most importantly do your homework and hire someone who is prepared to spend time learning about your lifestyle and needs.  Depending on the project and your skill – you may just need a few hours guidance.  Working with a professional that recognizes what you really want and need in terms of their assistance can be a valued partner in your home project. 

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